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This gallery shows a variety of our work including decks, stairways, pergolas, railing treatments, and patios. Double click image to bring up full size.

PVC decking


Composite decking


Zuri decking


wood decking




Outdoor kitchen


Low-Maintenance Decking
Understanding the Differences

It's important to remember that working with synthetic and low maintenance decking materials can be tricky. Each material requires a different set of guidelines for installation. The shrinkage/expansion allowances, drainage needs and support structure requirements can vary significantly from material to material.

Helping You Decide

Just like wood decks, each low maintenance composite decking material has its own set of pros and cons.

A Renew it Decks and Outdoor Living representative can show you the materials that best suit your needs and discuss the merits of each, making it easy to pick the ideal material. With an extensive variety of finishes and colors, there's sure to be a material that you'll love.

Article: Deck Planning and Materials - Expand your outdoor living -- Read this article by sales manager Dustin Hart about selecting decking materials. This appeared in the 2022 edition of Northern Michigan Homes and Remodeling Magazine put out by the Home Builders Association of Northern Michigan.
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